07 October 2009

Movin' On Up

Howdy Ya'll! I've just moved my blog from here to my official website, so please visit and update your bookmarks to:


Thank you!

04 October 2009

Sketcharoos: Vol X

I like Autumn, but the change in weather makes me chemically imbalanced.

After this moment, I hadn't felt that empowered in so long.

My thoughts exactly.

02 October 2009

Chat: Vol I

me: also
me: i've decided
me: if i ever get married, someone has to perform "don't stop believing" with the words in the back so EVERYONE can sing along
me: haahahahaha
me: that would be EPIC!
beryl: ahahah DUDE
beryl: of all ppl
beryl: have a karaoke wedding
beryl: lol
beryl: so sick
beryl: can it have
beryl: OMG
beryl: and your videos
beryl: have to have like a k-drama cheesyness to them
beryl: in the background
me: YES!
beryl: like it can be u
beryl: and ur husband to be
beryl: but korean music video style
beryl: w/ lyrics @ the bottom.
beryl: yes.
beryl: do it.
me: YES!
me: OMG

**Please note I am nowhere near dating someone let alone marriage. This is all out of sheer fun.

01 October 2009

Sketcharoos: Vol IX

Another Sketcharoo of my friend, coworker and recently re-inducted Sketcharoo Muse [One of four], John Bollozos, whose cat is apparently smarter than he.

28 September 2009

Sketcharoos: Vol VIII